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KBG Getaway Interiors

Type: Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2015 at Ahmedabad


PVDRS were approached to design the interiors of a farm house designed by the Architects of KBG Development. The design approach took into consideration the diverse needs of a large user group that comprised of three generations. We modified the internal layout to create and strengthen spatial relationships between the inside and the outside. The living room was designed such that it doubled up as an entertainment zone. Natural materials (hand polished teak wood, granite and onyx stones and hand-woven fabric) were used to create a interior that was at once playful as well as uniquely different from one space to another. The living room was designed to offer the flexibility of creating multiple seating layouts based on what 'event' it housed. We adoped a participatory approach where the client was made a part of the design team. The wall tattoo was designed in colloboration with the client. The client's collection of artwork was carefully used to give an identity and scale to each space. PVDRS also carried out the landscape design of the pool and surrounding areas for this project (See KBG Getaway- Landscape Design)


Photographs by: Radhika Pandit

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