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KBG Getaway Landscape

Type: Landscape Design

Status: Completed in 2015 in Ahmedabad


PVDRS were given a brief to design a swimming pool and it surrounding landscape area as part of a farm house that was designed by the Architects of KBG Development. The client comprised of a large joint family with three generations. Our design approach aimed at providing a place that can be used for partying, recreation and retreat by the diverse age group. A multitude of spatial experiences were created. The verandah leading from the living room to the pool and garden was extended to provide a shaded place for gathering and relaxing. The wooden deck, an extention of the verandah, was designed such that it can be used as an al fresco dining as well as a swim-up bar where mojitos can be enjoyed together with a swim in the Ahmedabad summer. The 'floating' Gazebo was placed centrally at the far end of the pool, framing the golf course and the horizon beyond and forming a strong axial relationship with the al freso seating and swim-up bar. The Gazebo provides a place for a 'break-out' group and simultaneously defines the kids' pool area. The Baja Shelf was located diametrially opposite to the 'floating' Champa planter. The perimeter overflow channel was designed such that the water apears to float at deck level. This technically challenging detail, know as the Lautner Knife Edge creates an experience that is unmatched in pool design.


Photographs by: Radhika Pandit

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