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Vishal Sales Office

Type: Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2017 in Ahmedabad


We were approached by one of India's largest supplier of TMT Reinforcement Bars to carry out the interior design of their new office. Taking clue from the client's nature of business and the existing shell and core provided by the developers of the office complex, we evolved an interior that was raw, rugged and rustic, akin to the reinforcement bar itself.

​ achieve this, we used a concrete tiled floor, an exposed ceiling with neatly laid MEP services' conduits, saw cut veneered storage elements and White Travertine stone walls with unfilled pores. Reinforcement bars were used as both compression and tension members for the furniture.​ Overall, an open-plan office layout was used, providing maximum transparency within staff members, a clear departure from the cubicle-style interiors of their previous office.


Photographs by: Radhika Pandit

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