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The Office of Dioramas

Type: Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2019 at Ghandhinagar


The office was designed as a daily workspace for two brothers who own a cinema business. The spatial quality of the office was inspired from a Diorama- a nineteenth century mobile theatre device made up of multiple layers of painted linen panels arranged in a deep truncated tunnel and illuminated by a skilfully manipulated light to create an ever-changing canvas. Using this concept of Diorma, the interior of the office was conceived as a set of overlapping partitions made in clear glass, glass with sepia coloured films and opaque veneered storage elements, resulting in a complex matrix of translucency and transparency. The proportion of transparent, translucent and opaque surfaces of the partitions were derived from the standard cinematic frame aspect proportions of 4:3, 16:9 and 21:9. The selection of dark wood and sepia hues was inspired from the reels of the film and black stone flooring and dark grey ceiling were used to create a sense of mystery in the space. Variations of sepia colour are perceived because of the overlapping partitions of glass and wood and the changing light quality, thereby generating a spatial experience akin to that of the vintage diorama.

Photography by: Rahul Jota

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