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Music Studio

Type: Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2017 in Ahmedabad


The interior design of the Music Studio was based on the structural elements of the music itself. The exposed ceiling in black serves as a background note. The colours derived from the logo itself form the punctuations and meters in space. The photo tunnel generates an 'off-the-beat' accent within the space. The photo tunnel also becomes the heart of the office, serving as both a transitional space as well as continuum between the open plan work area and the acoustically controlled studio rooms. Each photo frame, comprising of photos of key people from the Gujarati music and literature field, is detailed out such that it can be removed easily. This helps the wall 'grow' and 'change' over time. The acoustic panelling within the studio rooms is designed as horizontal bands of varying width generating a particular rhythm in space. The entire set of furniture is custom designed, using MS frame and polished plywood, helping to reduce overall budget of the project and generating a 'raw' experience.

Photographs by: Radhika Pandit

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