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Morbi Guest House

Type: Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design

Status: Under development at Morbi


Located close to a shipping port, the Morbi Guest House Mehasana, comprises of 10 bedrooms and living-dining facilities. Responding to the harsh hot-dry climate of this region, the guest house layout is based on a series of parallel walls on the East-West axis and deep verandahs on the South and North. The central courtyard will serve as a green oasis in contrast to the dry surrounding landscape. The earth obtained from excavation carried out to create a  rainwater harvesting pond will be used to produce Stabilised Mud Bricks (SMBs) on site. The SMBs will be used with lime mortar for load bearing masonry work.

Building-integrated Roof-top photovolatic (PV) panels will be provided to generate electricity for space cooling. The use of lime plaster will help to keep the interior spaces cooler in summer and will help reduce the embodied energy of this building.

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