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House of 7 Courts

Type: Architecture and Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2019 at Mehasana


Located on the outskirts of Mehasana, North Gujarat, the House of 7 Courts comprises of a living-dining space, kitchen and three bedrooms. The site is located along the highway. Responding to the hot and dry climate of this region, the spaces are oriented along the North-South axis with parallel blank walls along the East and West to reduce heat gain. A deep south-west facing verandah is provided to avoid any direct solar gain during summer whilst ensuring that the early winter sun penetrates inside the main spaces. Above lintel level ventialtors on the north are provided to ensure cross ventilation as well as night-time flushing of heat caputured during the day. Whilst the verandah space establishes a horizontal connection to the surrounding landscape, the seven courts establish a vertical connection to the sky. The use of local brick, lime mortar and lime plaster will help to keep the interior spaces cooler in summer and will help reduce the embodied energy of this building.

Photography by: Vinay Panjwani

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