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Boho Work Lounge

Type: Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2021 at Ahmedabad


The Boho Work Lounge is a unique workspace, truly hybrid and fluidic in functionality. The client’s brief was not specific to the purpose that this office was supposed to serve, but a dedicated workspace for networking and creative brainstorming. Backed by a brief that was open to interpretation, PVDRS set out to create a spatial configuration of a workspace for the clients, husband and wife, and four support staff. 


The design requirements were not many, hence the ways to tackle the generous 1200 sq. ft carpet area were innumerable. However, the spatial organization follows the angular facade itself and interestingly breaks away from orthogonal planning. The tangent of the building envelope was divided into two cabins, and one conference room, making use of the mullions of the facade. The nature of the office is such that there would always be a planned visit, hence the reception was done away with. The entrance foyer doubled up as the workstation area for support staff behind a distinctive partition angled to mimic the tangents of the envelope and create relief in space with a dynamic approach. The space available for the cabins and conference rooms was generous, hence, allowing for a lounge-like setup for hosting guests. The building’s structural elements like a large column in one of the cabins are used as a design opportunity, integrated into the island-like furniture as a pivot point. 


The design language here is to maximize transparency and visually connect while breaking away from the cold corporate glass partition systems. The idea was to create graphically interesting proportions of paneling, encouraging a play of transparency and opaque. The visual connect is extended diagonally, owing to the spatial planning and partition systems. The materials used are minimal, lean, and clutter-free. The front and rear walls are brick cladding, and a similar earthy tone of paint carries through the space. The use of black in contrast with warm polished wood can be seen in the minimal branding. The customized furniture has painted MS plates used as table bays, taking cues from the branding patterns. The neutrality of grey leather polished granite brings the muted earthy palette together. 


This project started as a no-agenda workspace, an office to creatively engage and network with clients. Mondeal office reflects the non-typical flair of an office environment, designed as a warm and comforting space. The idea was so fluid that it gave the designers freedom to create creative expressions across the space, stimulating and welcoming to users, and fostering a healthy work environment. 

Photography by: Umang Shah

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