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Aswa Force Gym

Type: Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2019 at Mehasana


Aswa Force Gym is a neighbourhood Gym and Health Bar located in the northern city of Mehasana, Gujarat , India. The space occupies the third floor corner of an existing commercial complex. The design approach was to create a space for people to workout, hangout, and become part of a close knit-community of ‘gym-goers’. Hence, the health bar was strategically positioned at the intersection of the two circulation axis thereby becoming the heart of the gymnasium. Treated in a stark red colour, the health bar reinforces itself as a place to socialise, unwind and relax post workout and effectively sends across the message ‘You Are What You Eat’. The overall graphic and colour scheme is derived from the branding and logo of the Gym itself. The ceiling with exposed conduits and services together with the uniform coloured floor generates a sense of continuity and togetherness. A combination of chequered metal plate, wired mesh, metal frame and painted exposed brick wall lends a raw and rugged feel to the interiors.

Photography by: Rahul Jota

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