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AR House

Type: Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design

Location: Ahmedabad

Status: Completed


Located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, the AR House forms part of a development for two brothers and their strongly knit nuclear family.


The client's brief was simple and clear: To provide a design that ensures quality, comfort, and enabling the highest quality of life".


At the outset, we positionining of the houses and their internal layout was devised to create a visual and physical connection traversing the entire length of the plot and thereby symbolically holding the two families together. The layout of the AR House was governed by the interconnectedness between the drawing, dining, living and kitchen, flanked by the east and west facing verandahs that maximise cross ventilation. A terrace, partly covered is located on the first floor which can be enjoyed all year round. It also offers a fine view of the garden.  


The use of local sun dried brick, lime mortar for pointing, reclaimed wood, exposed RCC walls and ceilings with local stone cladding come together in a sculptural composition.

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