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Aranya Farmhouse

Type: Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2016 at Ahmedabad 


PVDRS were approached to design the interiors of a farm house. The interior design focuses on the development of interior spaces that are minimalist, elegant and draped in colours and textures Indian in essence. Furniture is bespoke, designed specifically for this project and is realised from solid wood that was reclaimed from 60-80 year old factory shed that belonged to the clients. The figures, grains and veins of the wood are not masked. They are rather celebrated in an application of linseed oil polish. MS Steel in grey colour is used as structural frame as well as ironmongery. The kitchen wall forms the focus of the living space with its hexagonal cracked yellow tile with wood inlays. The interior colour and material pallate form a background to receive client's collection of painting, artefacts and rugs.


Photographs by: Monica Sathe

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