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Apartment 1801

Type: Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2019 at Ahmedabad


For a globe-trotting executive, Apartment 1801 is meant to be a place to meet and greet family and friends. Responding to the brief, we looked into the aspect of place making of temporal celeberative spaces in urban streets. Taking cue from the ‘shamiana’- a ceremonial tent commonly found during festive celebrations within streets, the ceiling in Apartment 1801 is designed to act as the primarily spatial element unifying the three public spaces- the living, the dining and the kitchen. The geometrical pattern of the two dimensional ceiling is extrapolated into a three dimensional custom designed pendant lamp. The kitchen is remodelled and an island platform is inserted in order to establish an axial relationship with the dining table. The custom-designed sideboard chest lends a subtle demarcation between the living and dining space. The overall material palette is warm and elegant. Polished Valsadi teak wood servers as background to warm and earthy colours of upholstery, kitchen dado tile and artwork. The furniture is carefully curated to ensure that it is in sync with the furniture custom-designed by PVDRS.

Photographs by: Rahul Jota

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