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Amara 702

Type: Interior Design

Status: Completed in 2022 at Ahmedabad


This 4760 sft apartment for a nuclear family in Ahmedabad, is a unique take on lean living by PVDRS. The designers reveal that the client;’s brief was simple; to create a modern, stylish, clutter-free and easy to maintain home. “In response to this brief, our intent was to create an interior space that accepts the apartment’s shell as is and then introduce a language that is complementary to the shell, is functional and stylish. This design language is cohesively applied throughout the entire apartment with pops of colours and design elements that would impart an identity to each space whilst ensuring overall integrity” elucidates Megha. 


The overall interior palette comprises Burberry Beige Italian marble, white textured walls, exposed concrete ceiling fitted with sleek minimal lighting, furniture in valsadi teak wood and neutral upholstery and furnishings in shades of grey. 


The living and dining space is treated as the heart of this home. The family expects to host a large gathering of relatives and friends and that called for designing the public volume within the apartment to accommodate 25-30 people. “As a response, we created nooks within the large living space with multipurpose furniture surfaces to allow for a big party to disintegrate into small groups. The idea here is to give meaning to a living space and embrace its dynamic use”, states Keyur. 


The limitations to make civil changes within the apartment have led to many creative uses of design elements. The wood-veneered finished bay window in the daughter’s bedroom brings in a functional element in the form of a cozy reading corner, while changing the perceived volume of the window. In the bedroom of the teenage son, who is passionate about gaming and coding, a large island work desk  was designed as a connected entity with the bed separated by a low partition, facing the window. The north-facing fourth bedroom room was converted into a family room where an L-shaped seating corner with uninterrupted views of the Ahmedabad skyline became the pièce de résistance.


This project is truly unique due to our conviction to accept the built shell in its raw nature and create a cohesive design language that is modern, clutter-free and stylish and simultaneously generating spaces with individual identities without compromising the overall integrity of the whole.

Photographs by: Rahul Zota

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